Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Moon Kitty Daria

It's not everyday that I'm invited to look in on the ground floor of a new fashion house and preview its collection. My good friends tayrn moon and Lady Di are launching Moon Kitty with a attractive and sexy line of fashions ranging from lingerie to formals. For this post, I choose to feature a charming formal dress from their collection called Daria. With its bright colors and damask textures, Daria would be the perfect outfit for celebrating the holiday season dancing at the clubs. And I love how it shows off my long legs.

Click on the pictures to view them in their full size glory.

Now don't I look like a bright green Christmas tree ornament? Well, I told you that this dress would be very holiday. And I selected a very appropriate location to photograph Daria - the Christmas Pavilion at Calas Galahon Park, a fabulous dance palace richly decorated for the season. There was a live music event going on at the time, so I found a little corner away from the dancers and began posing and taking pictures. I was striking pose after pose, one after another, while changing the colors and textures of the dress.  I was attracting much attention. People may have thought me acting very strangely, striking poses and all; but, I was also receiving IMs complimenting me on my lovely dress. 


Daria was working some wonderful magic as I was also receiving many invitations to dance. Often, at such music events, girls going unattached end up wallflowers forlornly watching happy couples dance. I saw a number of girls suffering that fate here tonight. So, this was a marvelous and welcomed circumstance for me. Thank you Moon Kitty and Daria.

I'm not a wallflower but I feel like one:

But, before hitting the dance floor, I want to finish this photo shoot. So, shall we continue ...

"Look to your right, Mariko." 

Daria comes with a HUD that allows you to change the color and texture of your dress. Daria has a dark color version and light color version of the dress. I'm wearing the dark version. Each version has six satin and lace textures and ten colors that can be mixed and matched.

"Now, look to your left. Perfect." 

The HUD also has a unique and useful feature - a light that is used to brighten the outfit. The light has 3 intensities, and, of course, it can be turned off. It will enhance the dress with a luminescence that highlights the textures. It is also very useful when taking photos.

My hair is from ARGRACE and is called ANZU. It was designed by ARGRACE owner rika Oyen. ANZU sells for L$250 per color set. A fatback set of all colors can be purchased for L$950.


I hope that this preview of lovely Daria has stoked your interest in Moon Kitty and its line of fashions. Moon Kitty has a vendor from which you can preview their fashion line and make purchases. Tayrn Moon and Lady Di will also be pleased to answer your inquiries and will be happy to show you their fashions and take your purchase orders. Just send either of them an IM when you are online, and they will get right back to you.

Moon Kitty:

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Faerie Myst

Is it Spring yet? Just hearing 'Polar Vortex' sets me shivering and shaking. Brrrr ... I'm ready for Spring. Thank goodness Spring has already arrived in Second Life, and it's glorious. In springtime, I love wandering the forests of Opar, my country estate. For in the mists rolling down its wooded mountains, faeries hide and play. 

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

Faeries wear wings and nothing more. But, alas, fashion calls for something more. And modesty too. And so does my mother. Well, I found a wonderful compromise at Blue Moon Enterprises Women Clothing. It's called Night Air.  Its teasing yet graceful. It's night dark color gives it a touch of mystery. Not all faeries are innocent nor harmless. Night Air was designed by Solas (solasnagealai) and sells for L$350.

This now is my all time favorite self portrait.  It's so very Mariko.

The hair I'm wearing is an adorably cute shag called Sakura. It's perfect for a pixie faerie. Sakura is available from ARGRACE and was designed by irka Oyen. It sells for L$250 per color and L$1500 for a nine color fat pack.

Blue Moon Enterprise Women Clothing


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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bewitching ALB Pumpkin Witch

 I was shopping for a witch's outfit for Halloween. I didn't want to be your typical black clad wicked witch. Too many of them around running around this time of year cackling and shrieking. I wanted something visually exciting. I knew that I would find it at ALB Dream Fashion. ALB's Analee Balut is one of the most original and exciting fashion designers in Second Life.  
Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing
 And I found it. It's called Pumpkin Witch, and it's a enchanted celebration of autumn's most dominant colors. Now, if you're going to be a witch, you might as well look fabulous as one. And Analee certainly cast some wondrous magic in creating this witch. I'm wearing the feather plumed conical hat, the figure flattering corset, and a colorful cloak, very mystical and seemingly oriental with a spider motif, very appropriate for Halloween.  And I love the orange toned silks and black lace of the witch's skirt. ALB Pumpkin Witch also comes with  comes with 3 skins, a lace cat suit,  jewelry, lace gloves,  jeweled gloves, and more. It sells for L$777 

For a wicked witch look, the outfit  also comes with a simple conical hat, a bright pumpkin orange cape, and a witch's broom. Of course, I won't be cackling and shrieking and boiling toads and eye of newt. That's not my style. Perhaps, you'll find me bathed in moonlight and humming a bewitching tune, casting a spell, much like Kim Novak in Bell, Book, and Candle. My familiar isn't a cat named Pyewacket. It's a little pug dog named Miyamoto Musashi. ... So, on whom shall I cast my spell this Halloween in Second Life?


My hair is a pageboy cut from Kik called Shinobu. It comes in a five color set for L$200. The colors are black, blonde, brown, coffee, and honey. Shinobu is also available with a texture changing headband and hat. All three sets can be purchased for L$450.

These pictures were taken in the Veil of Darkness located in Calas Galadhon. Veil of Darkness is the creepiest and scariest Halloween adventure in Second Life this season. Don't miss it. And, if you should suddenly come upon a witch bathed in moonlight with a little dog in her arms, and she begins humming a bewitching tune ... RUN!

ALB Dream Fashion


Veil of Darkness in Calas Galadhon

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kallisto - A Dress for a Goddess

Look up into the night sky and you'll find Kallisto there among the constellations. She's the Great Bear (Ursa Major) circling the North Star in the company of her son, the Little Bear (Ursa Minor).  Kallisto wasn't always a bear. Her name means 'most beautiful' in ancient Greek, and she was a most beautiful nymph who caught the roving eye of the great god Zeus. More of her story later. The fashion that I'm featuring is inspired by the myth and is fittingly called Kallisto. It's a dress made for a goddess and is available at GizzA Creations.  

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

Kallisto was the daughter of Lycaon, king of Arcadia, and a beautiful creature of nature who roamed the mountains of that wild country and hunted the beasts of its forests as a companion nymph to Artemis, goddess of the hunt and of young girls. She vowed to remain a virgin as do all the nymphs of Artemis. But that was not to be as she became the object of Zeus's desire. The great philandering god disguised himself as Artemis to lure Kallisto away from the other nymphs. It must have been a most shocking moment for poor Kallisto when her beloved goddess revealed how happy she was to see her. Months later, an angry Artemis banished Kallisto from her coterie of nymphs when Kallisto's pregnancy was noticed while bathing. Kallisto gave birth to a son, Arcas. It was then that Hera, the jealous wife of Zeus, took her revenge and transformed Kallisto into a great lumbering bear. Hera's revenge was almost complete when Arcas, now 16 years old and hunting in the forest, took aim with his silver bow and arrow to unwittingly slay his own mother. But, Zeus quickly intervened to prevent the tragedy by grabbing the bear by the tail and hurling her into the night sky. The god then transformed Arcas into a bear and likewise hurled him into the night sky to join his mother. And so, Kallisto and her son took their place among the constellations and together roam the night sky forever circling the North Star.

The Constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor

Kallisto was designed by Giz Seon, the designer of stylish high fashion at GizzA Creations. Kallisto comes in eight colors: black, red, pink, lilac, golden, aqua, salmon, and pearl. I am wearing pearl. Kallisto sells for L$450. The skirt is somewhat shear. Instead of wearing the white glitch pants, I'll wear white panties to create a look that is more .... charming. It also shows off my legs to better effect when walking or dancing.

The hair that I am wearing is from DrLife and is called Mariko. Yes, this hair was named after me by my dear friend Leena Ying, owner of DrLife. Mariko uses DrLife's All Color system with which you can create a wide range of colors and highlights for the hair, all for one price. Mariko is priced at L$350. The jewelry that I'm wearing is from Artistry by ~E~ and is called Kim. The jewelry at Artistry by ~E~ was highly recommended to me by my friend Lulubelle. The designs by Endra Graves  are outstanding. The Kim set consists of necklace, earrings, and bracelet. It sells for L$375. The individual pieces in the set can also be purchased separately.

GizzA Creations

Artistry by ~E~

DrLife skins and hair are available at Mariko, my fashion boutique located on the Grand Rue at Mont Saint Michel:


These pictures were taken at Majesterium, a magnificent build by the amazing Patch Thibaud located in Cheval de Mer:

Majesterium, Cheval de Mer

My friend Meimei Shiu also blogged Kallisto (in black) on her fashion blog. She looks fabulous in the dress.

Meimei Shiu

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Alina, A Study in Black & White

Alina from MEB Fashion

Spring is fast approaching, and I needed a nice little dress for the season. It had to be chic. It had to be stylish. It had to be flattering, oh so flattering. So, what I needed was some magic from my favorite Italian fashion designer in Second Life, MariaElena Barbosa of MEB Fashion who is also a dear friend.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

So, how is this for chic, stylish, and oh so flattering? It's called Alina. What drew me to this dress was the  lovely floral print set in contrasting black and white.  The print is very Japanese and so appeals to the Japanese in me. It features chrysanthemums, the flower of the Imperial Family of Japan. But, Alina has a look that is definitely Italian. Italian fashion designers know how to show off women. So, it's perfect for Spring. Alina sells at MEB Fashion for L$300.

I always use locations in Second Life to display the fashions featured in my blog. I want to show you how these outfits will actually look as you wear them in this virtual world. But, I couldn't help thinking how great the contrasting blacks and whites of Alina would look pictured against a pure white background. Well, I found that location in Second Life and more. It's an area called The Babel in a place called Chouchou XVI. Chouchou XVI is the creation of Chouchou, a Japanese SL musical group dedicated to exploring the possibilities of music in virtual environments. The Babel is pure white and located within this whiteness is a cluster of pure black cubes that rise ever upwards, creating a tower of contrasting black and white. Each cube is a musical note from an instrument such a piano or harp. Touching it plays the note. So by touching cubes you can create a cacophonous musical composition that can truly be entitled 'Babel'. Any ways, I really like how the the roundness of Alica's floral pattern and my own roundness have us stand out amidst the squareness of these multitudinous black cubes. I hope you like this study in black and white.

Isn't this hair perfect for me and this outfit? It's called Fresh. I got it at Emo-tions. Fresh is designed by Mirja Mills and sells for L$245 for a single color.  My jewelry is from Artistry. The necklace is from The Janice Set Onxy and the earrings from The Marilyn Set Black. Both jewelry sets are designed by Endra Graves and are now on sale at a special low price.

MEB Fashion Main Store



Chouchou XVI, The Babel

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Black Diamonds

Diament Noir coutre by AlaFolie
In doubt, wear black. To dazzle, wear diamonds. To intrigue, wear black diamonds. All these truisms come together in a marvelous outfit at AlaFolie called Diament Noir courte. But, there is no doubt about this dress.  It's the most fabulous little black dress in my clothing inventory. And that is saying a lot.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

Distinctive and highly stylish, black diamonds (diamante noir) are the rarest of diamonds. They are also a mystery. Black diamonds are found in only two places on the planet - the Central African Republic and Brazil. They are real diamonds but differ from other diamonds in their crystalline structure. Their unique structure absorbs light rather than refracting it like a conventional diamond making them opaque black. Conventional diamonds are created in the high pressures and temperatures deep within the Earth and are carried up from the Earth's mantle by volcanic explosions. They are mined from volcanic rock called kimberlite. However, no black diamond has ever been found among conventional diamonds. Their geological setting is starkly different being alluvial rather then volcanic. Many scientists believe that black diamonds are not from within the Earth but from outside the Earth. Hydrogen analyzed in black diamonds indicate an extraterrestrial origin in a supernova explosion of a dying star that predates our own solar system. About 2.3 billion years ago, an asteroid sized black diamond slammed into the Earth on an ancient continent that later separated into Africa and South America. When you wear these fascinating black diamonds, you are wearing one of the oldest objects on the planet.

I'm sure that you are now fascinated by black diamonds (hmmm hopefully), and you'll be equally fascinating dressed in Diament Noire coutre (make that even more fascinating). I just love its shimmering black sequinned skirt. It's perfect for a night at the clubs. And look at that sexy back view. Diament Noir is designed by pixivor Allen and is can be found at AlaFolie for L$600.

When you want sophistication, this hair works. It's from [kik] and is called Fine. It is getting very monotonous seeing models wearing the latest hair from Truth. I would encourage people to look elsewhere for a change especially at the collection of styles at [kik]. The hair designs are wonderful, and the quality is equal to the best that I have seen in Second Life. Each color set sells for L$100. A six color pack is available for L$300 and a 12 color pack for L$450.


[kik] main store:

These pictures were taken at the lovely estate garden of WK Ganesvoort in Costa Rica. These pictures are windlight free.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Alecto - A Touch of Evil

Alecto by House of Rage
We are told that evil is about to evolve. Will it be subtle and seductive? A soft kiss and the flick of a serpent's tongue? That evil is here now. We see it in the new Evolution line of fashions at the House of Rage. Designs of grace and charm with a touch of evil. So it was that I was drawn in by the charming veneer of a most sinister outfit called Alecto. It's a fitting name for a design coming from the House of Rage. In ancient Greek, Alecto means unceasing anger.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

In Greek Mythology, Alecto is one of the Erinyes, called the Furies by the Romans. The Erinyes are three sisters, daughers of Gaea (Earth), who sprang from Gaea as she was fertilized by the blood raining down from Uranus (Heaven) when Cronus, their son and leader of the Titans, castrated the terrible deity at the urging of his mother, as told by the poet Hesiod in his Theogony. The sisters are Alecto (unceasing anger), Tisiphone (avenger of blood), and Magarea (the jealous one).  The Erintyes are avenging deities who persecute unpunished criminals with unrelenting fury, especially murderers guilty of patricide, matricide, or fratricide. The sisters unmercifully pursue their guilty targets, howling at them by day and tormenting them in their dreams at night. Their attacks are  devastatingly psychological creating unbearable pangs of conscience. So relentless is their pursuit that their victims either go mad or commit suicide. In appearance, the Erinyes are frightening - coils of serpents crown their heads and their eyes dripped blood. They are lead to the guilty by the flaming torch carried by their leader, Alecto.

The Matricide Orestes Pursued by the Furies by Willam-Adolphe Bouguereau (1862)

When I wore Alecto in public for the first time, I was immediately greeted at my favorite pub with 'Mariko, you look ravishing.' This dress has a very affecting allure. It's charm is evident; but, the spiked fur collar hints of the diabolical. Alecto was designed by Lybra Rage, one of the three fashion designers at The House of Rage who created the Evolution line, the others being Topaz Joubert and LovelyMiwako7399 Men. Alecto comes with ripped top, fur jacket, collar fur, miniskirt, miniskirt prim, miniskirt fur, and hose. It sells for L$700.

You can also remove the fur collared jacket and fur skirt to get an attractive look that is quite fetching. I like how it graces my figure.

This really cute shag is from HairARt and is called Sayen. Sayen was designed by Sebass Easterwood and sells for L$220 for one color. Sayen means sweet and lovely in the language of the Mapuche, a native american people indigenous to Chile. This hair style must give me a 1950 retro look. I have been told by various people that I look like Audrey Hepburn, Leslie Caron, and Elizabeth Taylor in this hair. Of course, I'm so flattered and thrilled when people say my avatar reminds them of those classic Hollywood lovelies. What avatar wouldn't be?

House of Rage


The outdoor scenes in this picture collection were taken at World's End Garden. The two interior backgrounds are taken in my Heritage Park mansion in Ocelot Valley.

World's End Garden

I came across Alecto and the House of Rage in the fashion blog of my good friend Meimei Shiu. MeiMei modeled Alecto and other outfits for House of Rage. She looks fabulous. See for your self and take a look at her blog.

Meimei Shiu

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Autumn Nymph

Autumn Nymph at Vita's Boudoir
The Fall Season is officially here, and, right on cue, the trees are donning their colorful autumn regalia.  It's a spectacular show, and I'm joining in and becoming part of the dazzling fall  foliage wearing this fanciful woodland costume aptly named Autumn Nymph

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

My impersonation of Sandro Botticelli's The Birth of Venus
Autumn Nymph was designed by Precious Restless, skin and fashion designer and co-owner with her sister of Vita's Boudoir. Precious and her twin sister, Vitabella Dubrovna, are renowned real life fashion designers and owners of a popular boutique in Zagreb, Croatia also called Boudoir. Autumn Nymph comes with shirt, panties, 2 autumn leaves attachments, and an autumn hat. I am not wearing the autumn hat; although I will show it later in the post. I wanted to enhance the mystical quality of the look by wearing a head cover from another pastoral costume from Vita's Boudoir called Pandora Festive Outfit. In my post on that costume, I describe the head cover as 'spirit tree seeds floating on diaphanous parachutes of gossamer fluff that form a magical garland adorning one's head.'  It was perfect for the look that I wanted to create.

She wouldn't put poison ivy in this dress, would she? No, that's not like Precious. Not intentionally.  
In Greek mythology, nymphs were minor nature goddesses, spirits of nature, who were closely associated with the places they inhabited. To the ancient Greeks, the wonders of nature were surely manifestations of the divine, and the sensations of awe, delight, and even terror evoked by a phenomena of nature were attributed to the presiding deity. In these pictures, I am a Dryades, one of the beautiful nymphs of trees, forests, and sacred groves. Dryades never die of old age; but, their life force is closely tied to trees that spring from the earth at their birth. The Dryades are the guardians of their trees and as they flourish, so do they. But should the trees die, their guardian nymphs perish with them. Nymphs are often depicted as nubile maidens given to dance and song and to amorous romps with satyrs, their male counterparts. Hmmm ... but that's only a myth.

My hair is from EMO-tions and is called Magdalena. Magdalena was designed by Mirja Mills, owner of  EMO-tions. As I remarked in my last post,  EMO-tions has a large collection of styles and designs, many are exceptional. Magdalena is priced at  L$245 for a single color.

This is the colorful autumn hat that is included with the outfit. Isn't it a sumptuous celebration of Fall? It also comes with this animated squirrel! Thank goodness that you can wear the hat with or without the rodent.

This picture has become one of my favorite self portraits.
Vita's Boudoir


I wanted a fairy tale look for the background in these pictures. The giant mushrooms found along a stream in Bewitched - Haunted Dark Forest fit the bill. Bewitched - Haunted Dark Forest was formerly known as the Bentham Forest and is in a new location. These pictures are  windlight free.

Bewitched - Haunted Dark Forest, Elven Mist

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