Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Princess Anna

Princess Anna by MEB Fashion

The MEB 2010 Winter Collection from MEB Fashion was officially released earlier this week. There's always excitement around the release of the seasonal collections of MEB's owner and designer, MariaElena Barbosa. Oh, I may have built up the wrong expectations for this post. No, I'm not featuring items from the Winter Collection today; but, they are exciting. Look for them in future posts - guaranteed. What I want to blog, while autumn is still in the air,  is my very favorite outfit from the 2010 Fall Collection. Its a delightful creation called Princess Anna.

Princess Anna is exactly what I want and expect from Italian fashion. It's smart and stylish. It's playful and sexy. And it's so flattering on me. Can an outfit be all these things? Well, you tell me. Princess Anna will have you answering with an emphatic yes. Princess Anna sells for L$490 at MEB Fashion. 

Click on the pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.

Where to photograph a princess? At Le Mont Saint Michel, of course. Mont Saint Michel is a Second Life treasure. It is an accurate and full size replication of the famous tidal island in Northern France. This small rocky islet was consecrated to the Archangel Saint Michel in 708 AD and is famous for its Benedictine abby, a 13th century Gothic masterpiece, towering over 500 feet above the sea. Mont Saint Michel is actually an outcropping of granite conspicuously jutting out of a vast sandbank and exposed to powerful tides that can rush in over the tidal flats at speeds, famously described by Victor Hugo, ‘as swift as a galloping horse.’ The rocky islet is entirely surrounded by water twice a month, becoming a tidal island. The actions of the tides give Mont Saint Michel a wonderful mystical quality. I wanted to photograph Princess Anna with the medieval charm of the island's village as a backdrop. I hope you like the result.

The hair that I am wearing is from DrLife and is called Leena. Leena was designed by Leena Ying and sells for L$350. With Leena, you get 9 hair colors which you can select from a menu.

Strolling and Shopping on the Grand Rue at Mont Saint Michel 

Well, didn't I tell you that Princess Anna is all that. And there's more fashion magic at MEB Fashion. Be sure to catch the new 2010 MEB Winter Collection. I'll be blogging my favorites from the collection. So stay tuned.

MEB Fashion Main Store

DrLife Skins and Hair are available at Mariko in Mont Saint Michel

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