Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bewitching ALB Pumpkin Witch

 I was shopping for a witch's outfit for Halloween. I didn't want to be your typical black clad wicked witch. Too many of them around running around this time of year cackling and shrieking. I wanted something visually exciting. I knew that I would find it at ALB Dream Fashion. ALB's Analee Balut is one of the most original and exciting fashion designers in Second Life.  
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 And I found it. It's called Pumpkin Witch, and it's a enchanted celebration of autumn's most dominant colors. Now, if you're going to be a witch, you might as well look fabulous as one. And Analee certainly cast some wondrous magic in creating this witch. I'm wearing the feather plumed conical hat, the figure flattering corset, and a colorful cloak, very mystical and seemingly oriental with a spider motif, very appropriate for Halloween.  And I love the orange toned silks and black lace of the witch's skirt. ALB Pumpkin Witch also comes with  comes with 3 skins, a lace cat suit,  jewelry, lace gloves,  jeweled gloves, and more. It sells for L$777 

For a wicked witch look, the outfit  also comes with a simple conical hat, a bright pumpkin orange cape, and a witch's broom. Of course, I won't be cackling and shrieking and boiling toads and eye of newt. That's not my style. Perhaps, you'll find me bathed in moonlight and humming a bewitching tune, casting a spell, much like Kim Novak in Bell, Book, and Candle. My familiar isn't a cat named Pyewacket. It's a little pug dog named Miyamoto Musashi. ... So, on whom shall I cast my spell this Halloween in Second Life?


My hair is a pageboy cut from Kik called Shinobu. It comes in a five color set for L$200. The colors are black, blonde, brown, coffee, and honey. Shinobu is also available with a texture changing headband and hat. All three sets can be purchased for L$450.

These pictures were taken in the Veil of Darkness located in Calas Galadhon. Veil of Darkness is the creepiest and scariest Halloween adventure in Second Life this season. Don't miss it. And, if you should suddenly come upon a witch bathed in moonlight with a little dog in her arms, and she begins humming a bewitching tune ... RUN!

ALB Dream Fashion


Veil of Darkness in Calas Galadhon

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