Saturday, February 25, 2012

Alina, A Study in Black & White

Alina from MEB Fashion

Spring is fast approaching, and I needed a nice little dress for the season. It had to be chic. It had to be stylish. It had to be flattering, oh so flattering. So, what I needed was some magic from my favorite Italian fashion designer in Second Life, MariaElena Barbosa of MEB Fashion who is also a dear friend.

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So, how is this for chic, stylish, and oh so flattering? It's called Alina. What drew me to this dress was the  lovely floral print set in contrasting black and white.  The print is very Japanese and so appeals to the Japanese in me. It features chrysanthemums, the flower of the Imperial Family of Japan. But, Alina has a look that is definitely Italian. Italian fashion designers know how to show off women. So, it's perfect for Spring. Alina sells at MEB Fashion for L$300.

I always use locations in Second Life to display the fashions featured in my blog. I want to show you how these outfits will actually look as you wear them in this virtual world. But, I couldn't help thinking how great the contrasting blacks and whites of Alina would look pictured against a pure white background. Well, I found that location in Second Life and more. It's an area called The Babel in a place called Chouchou XVI. Chouchou XVI is the creation of Chouchou, a Japanese SL musical group dedicated to exploring the possibilities of music in virtual environments. The Babel is pure white and located within this whiteness is a cluster of pure black cubes that rise ever upwards, creating a tower of contrasting black and white. Each cube is a musical note from an instrument such a piano or harp. Touching it plays the note. So by touching cubes you can create a cacophonous musical composition that can truly be entitled 'Babel'. Any ways, I really like how the the roundness of Alica's floral pattern and my own roundness have us stand out amidst the squareness of these multitudinous black cubes. I hope you like this study in black and white.

Isn't this hair perfect for me and this outfit? It's called Fresh. I got it at Emo-tions. Fresh is designed by Mirja Mills and sells for L$245 for a single color.  My jewelry is from Artistry. The necklace is from The Janice Set Onxy and the earrings from The Marilyn Set Black. Both jewelry sets are designed by Endra Graves and are now on sale at a special low price.

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Chouchou XVI, The Babel

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