Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fashion from Bijou and Hair from Zero Style

Gig from Bijou

I purchased this number at Bijou, at their main store in Bijouaholic. It's a new creation called 'Gig'. Click and enlarge the picture to see the quality of this dress. I love the details of the cloth and its folds, and how it drapes and flatters one's figure. The short skirt sweeps up in the back to give you a great look from behind. A broad black leather and coiled metal belt provides a finishing accent. I'm wearing the gold outfit. It also comes in khaki, beige, black, purple, aquablue, and yellow. It sells for $270L. To find this outfit, you must go up the stairway to the store's second floor where they display new fashions. Be sure to catch a look at the wonderful crystal chandelier gracing the stairway. It is gigantic.
The hair I am wearing is from Zero Style a store that specializes in Japanese style hair. The style I have is called 'Dana'. It is flexi hair and comes from the Dana brunette collection. The color is Dark Cherry. The Dana brunette collection sells for $300L. Don't be put off by the display pictures at Zero Style with the all too young looking models. Yes, many of these hair styles are too schoolgirl (what do you expect from Japan). But there are some sophisticated style hair to be found here.

Side Look - Note the work on the sleeves

Rear Look

Crystal Chandelier at Bijou
The main picture was taken in China Town sim.
Zero Style:

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  1. I love this dress, and the Bijou store in general. I bought this dress in purple and have had a hard time editing the drape neck to fit the way you have in your pictures. So next time I see you...I'll be sure to ask you how you've done it. The dress looks amazing! Thanks for this posting :-)