Friday, November 4, 2011

Autumn Nymph

Autumn Nymph at Vita's Boudoir
The Fall Season is officially here, and, right on cue, the trees are donning their colorful autumn regalia.  It's a spectacular show, and I'm joining in and becoming part of the dazzling fall  foliage wearing this fanciful woodland costume aptly named Autumn Nymph

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My impersonation of Sandro Botticelli's The Birth of Venus
Autumn Nymph was designed by Precious Restless, skin and fashion designer and co-owner with her sister of Vita's Boudoir. Precious and her twin sister, Vitabella Dubrovna, are renowned real life fashion designers and owners of a popular boutique in Zagreb, Croatia also called Boudoir. Autumn Nymph comes with shirt, panties, 2 autumn leaves attachments, and an autumn hat. I am not wearing the autumn hat; although I will show it later in the post. I wanted to enhance the mystical quality of the look by wearing a head cover from another pastoral costume from Vita's Boudoir called Pandora Festive Outfit. In my post on that costume, I describe the head cover as 'spirit tree seeds floating on diaphanous parachutes of gossamer fluff that form a magical garland adorning one's head.'  It was perfect for the look that I wanted to create.

She wouldn't put poison ivy in this dress, would she? No, that's not like Precious. Not intentionally.  
In Greek mythology, nymphs were minor nature goddesses, spirits of nature, who were closely associated with the places they inhabited. To the ancient Greeks, the wonders of nature were surely manifestations of the divine, and the sensations of awe, delight, and even terror evoked by a phenomena of nature were attributed to the presiding deity. In these pictures, I am a Dryades, one of the beautiful nymphs of trees, forests, and sacred groves. Dryades never die of old age; but, their life force is closely tied to trees that spring from the earth at their birth. The Dryades are the guardians of their trees and as they flourish, so do they. But should the trees die, their guardian nymphs perish with them. Nymphs are often depicted as nubile maidens given to dance and song and to amorous romps with satyrs, their male counterparts. Hmmm ... but that's only a myth.

My hair is from EMO-tions and is called Magdalena. Magdalena was designed by Mirja Mills, owner of  EMO-tions. As I remarked in my last post,  EMO-tions has a large collection of styles and designs, many are exceptional. Magdalena is priced at  L$245 for a single color.

This is the colorful autumn hat that is included with the outfit. Isn't it a sumptuous celebration of Fall? It also comes with this animated squirrel! Thank goodness that you can wear the hat with or without the rodent.

This picture has become one of my favorite self portraits.
Vita's Boudoir


I wanted a fairy tale look for the background in these pictures. The giant mushrooms found along a stream in Bewitched - Haunted Dark Forest fit the bill. Bewitched - Haunted Dark Forest was formerly known as the Bentham Forest and is in a new location. These pictures are  windlight free.

Bewitched - Haunted Dark Forest, Elven Mist

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  1. errr....breathtakingly fashionable :)

  2. Arigato. I was wearing this costume at the Halloween parties in SL. You might also catch me as an Autumn Nymph at my Opar tending my trees and cavorting with all those sexy satyrs.