Sunday, November 15, 2009

MEB Photo Contest Winner

My Winning Photo

I received a notice from Mimi Juneau that Mimi's Choice, along with MEB Fashion, was sponsoring a photo contest with the prize being MariaElena Barbosa's newest creation, a fabulous formal gown called Red Carpet. I had my eye on that dress since its introduction, so I just had to enter the contest and try for the prize. A few days earlier, I was scouting a most magical location for a future fashion post.  Located in the Bentham Forest, the location was deep woods with a cold stream and colorful giant mushrooms. The visual impact is breathtaking. I had the perfect location. I now needed  to find the perfect outfit for this location.

And I found it among the MEB Fashion Collection at Mimi's Choice. The outfit is called Sorbonne. Sorbonne is part of MEB Fashion's 2009 Fall Collection and was featured in the MEB World Premiere Runway Show. Sorbonne consists of a light brown high neck knit top with a great texture and black silk pants.  Sorbonne is casual, but sophisticated.  Its very, very sex, very.  Sorbonne is priced at $490L.

The hair that I am wearing is called Maryanne and is available at Alli & Ali. The hair is available in 11 colors. I am wearing Flame. Maryanne is priced at $175L for one color. The 11 color multipack sells for $650L.

Well, I did the fashion shoot and sent my picture to Mimi. Click on the picture to enlarge it for a better view. The photo is wonderfully windlight-free.

My Photo on display at Mimi's Choice

I was teleported to Mimi's Choice and behind me was my photo on display. I was the WINNER. My picture was selected by Ludwig Prinz, a well known Second Life photographer, which made it even more special. I was so thrilled and excited.  And my prize, MEB Red Carpet, is absolutley gorgeous. I got to wear it right away. First, at a Shantu Selene performance at the Moments Embrace Ballroom. And then again at the opening of the Hallelujah Azul Art Walk. I would like to thank Mimi Juneau and MariaElena Barbosa for a truly wonderful moment.

MEB Red Carpet

Alli & Ali Designs Main Store

Bentham Forest:

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  1. So happy to read it!!
    'cause of the success of a friend. And then 'cause an outfit like Sorbonne (sweater and pants), so far from the usual (and often "too easy") style of SL casual, has been chosen by M. and appreciated by ppl who evaluated it :))
    Congrats, Mariko!