Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New England Autumn

New England Autumn by Lemania Indigo Designs

My first fashion post of the new year is another lovely creation from Lemania Indigo Designs called New England Autumn. This bewitching dress was designed by Lemania Indigo, owner of Lemania Indigo Designs, and sells for $395L. Lemania Indigo Designs has long been one of my favorite places to shop for fashions. I love classic Hollywood and much of Lemania's collection is inspired by the stars and films of Hollywood's golden age. Her fashions span that magical range from the novel to the iconic. I always come away from Lemania Indigo Designs with an outfit that delights.

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New England Autumn is one of my favorite formals. I am always delighted to have an occasion to slip into it because I know that I'll be absolutely glam. The one shoulder design creates a look that is classic and sophisticated. And the finely embroidered pattern on the dress displays the wonderful oranges and browns of autumn. You will certainly make a graceful and stunning entrance in New England Autumn. And you'll love how this dress shows off your curves. After all, without sex appeal, there is no fashion.

I used various locations at Opar, my country estate, for New England Autumn's photo shoot. I was so pleased with the result that I placed the pictures on display in Lemania Indigo Design's group on Flickr. I didn't realize that  I was entering Lemania's weekly photo contest. So I was taken by surprise and thrilled when told that one of the pictures had won the contest. The winning picture is below.  The picture is windlight free.

My Contest Winning Photograph

Posing with my picture at Lemania Indigo Designs

It has been a real pleasure bringing this exquisite dress to your attention, My Dear Readers.  I have found quite a bit more fashion magic that I will be bringing to this blog and its syndicated posts in the coming weeks and months. It should be an exciting and entertaining sojourn in the world of Second Life fashion.

Mariko Nightfire

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Photos were taken at Opar, my personal estate.

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