Monday, August 10, 2009

DrLife - The Best Skins in Second Life

Mariko Nightfire - Exclusive Client of DrLife

Mariko Nightfire always receives the most wonderful compliments. My avatar is the creation of Leena Ying of DrLife. Lenna Ying, the owner of DrLife, is an awesome talent and the creator of absolutely the finest skins in all of Second Life. Her avatar creations are unique in their artistry and so distinctive is their art that one can always recognize one of DrLife’s clients, and they stand out in a crowd. In real life, Leena herself is a very lovely lady and lives in Beijing, China. She is also my oldest and dearest friend in Second Life. Leena treasures stories of heroines from Chinese history and mythology. She is also a great fan of popular actresses from China and other Asian nations. This enthusiasm for Asian culture carries over to her avatars. Leena specializes in creating classic Asian beauties. She also adds exotic tanned and dark skin tones to DrLife's product line and creates an exciting line of skins and shapes with the more Western features of Eurasians and Amerasians - the loveliest people on the planet, having inherited the best from the East and the West.

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DrLife's skins are known for their artistry
.DrLife has a long established reputation within Second Life’s Asian community. However, word about these extraordinary skins has gotten out, and DrLife is getting the wider recognition it deserves. The realism and beauty are just incredible. The first thing you will notice about these skins is that their facial features are softer, and the skin tones, translucent. The effect is stunning, like a portrait painter applying delicate brush work to his art. The details are exquisite. I use DrLife skins exclusively. I would never consider using any other.

The demos at DrLife are very generous. At the store, you will have access to demo copies of all shapes and skins in the DrLife collection to aid you in making a selection. Shapes are priced at between $500L and $1000L. Skins are available in a number of shades – Olay, Fair, Natural, Tanned and Dark. A complete set of skins in one shade costs $1800L. DrLife also offers skins with an advanced feature called Complete Makeup. This feature allows you to apply makeup to your avatar through the Appearance Edit function. With Complete Makeup you can achieve a personalized makeup that is perfect for your outfit, as well as the occasion and the time of day or night. Skin tones sell for $3500L. Be sure to join the DrLife Group and pickup the free skin that Leena makes available to members as a gift. These gifts are always examples of their finest creations.

The Best Testimonial:
[18:36] S_ B_: Mariko... I want to know why you can manage to look so elegantly cool in what you are wearing and if I tried it I would look like a wally head lol
[18:39] D_ M_: Oh my. . . what a sight. . .
[18:39] S_B_: What?
[18:39] D_ M_: Mariko you are positively stunning.
[18:39] S_ B_: She's gorgeous
[18:39] D_ M_: I don't even know how to act now.
[18:39] T_ W_: She is always very well put together.
[18:40] Mariko: Thank you D_.
[18:40] D_M_: I feel all awkward she's so pretty.
[18:40] S_ B_: That's when you are meant to get polite and gentlemanly
[18:40] D_M_: Almost taboo - like dating a republican.
[18:40] T_ W_: Don't worry she doesn't bite (so I have been told anyway).
[18:40] T_ W_: •´¨*•.¸. HahahaA •´¨*•.¸.
[18:40] S_ B_: T_.... shakes head
[18:41] Mariko: I don’t bite but I have sharp claws :)
[18:41] S_B_: oooo scratches....

Leena and DrLife, thank you ever so much.

DrLife Skins and Hair are available at Mariko in Mont Saint Michel

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