Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yippies and the Forbidden City

New Yippie in the Forbidden City
 .I love Second Life fashions. I love blogging. So naturally, I love Second Life fashion blogs. I read a number of them; one of my favorite is Fashion Diaries by Nina Raymond. Her blogging style is different from my own, but she is highly prolific and very informative. Her avatars are attractive, and she puts together some awesome mix-and-match fashion plates. I trust her fashion sense completely. One of her recent posting turned me on to a marvelous item of fashion magic that I decided to highlight here in my own blog. The item is a top called New Yippie. It is colorful and dramatic. It has a retro look about it that reaches back to the hippie era of the baby boom generation. I did research on the term yippie which places it in the late 1960s and early 1970s. New Yippie moves the look forward to our own time and for our own generation. In searching for a photo location to highlight the exotic appeal of this item, I choose the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.
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New Yippie is available at Baiastice. Baiastice is another great find. As I walked around this store, I found myself placing item after item on my 'Definitely Want' list. The fashions on display at Baiastice are outstanding. New Yippie is designed by Sissy Pessoa, owner of Baiastice, and sells for $295L. It is available in five colors: Orange, Yellow/Purple, Purple/Green, Magenta, and Cian. I am wearing orange. In my mind's eye, the silks hanging from the sleeves and belt resemble the feathers of hawks and eagles. The influence of ceremonial Native American costumes on the design is apparent. The effect is gorgeous. And I love how this top moves and flows as I walk and change poses. To see the details of New Yippie, click on the pictures to enlarge them.
To complete the mix -and -match, I complemented the top with (F/Skinny) A001 Jeans sold by Armidi Limited for $145L (the color is Dusted Classic) and with Stiletto Boots by Blaze. The boots come in 6 colors (silver, chocolate, white, red, champagne, black). I am wearing chocolate. The boots are currently on sale for only $100L and all 6 can be bought as a package for $300L. Get them for this price while you can. You can buy them as either No Copy/Transfer or Copy/No Transfer. Unless you are buying them as a gift, the latter makes better sense.
Best of all is this hair. I usually do not like oversized hair; but, this is the exception. Its fantastic. The hair is from Bish Wear and is called Toss Me Around. It sells for $375L which gets you a package of 6 hair colors (auburn, black, brown, blonde, red, and wine). I am wearing brown. The hair is designed by ShyOne Lehane.
Now for a little history. I did some research on the Yippies, and this is what I found:
.Once upon a time there were Hippies, then Yuppies and between them, Yippies. Yippies were members of the Youth International Party founded in the late 1960s by Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. Hoffman and Rubin were children of privilege playing proletariat revolutionaries. Yippies are remembered for childish street theater pranks and for inciting the riots in Chicago during the 1968 Democratic Party Convention. Jerry Rubin later renounced his youthful stupidity and became a stock broker and an advocate of free market capitalism. Abbie Hoffman never grew up. Both met unfortunate ends. The party's headquarters is now the Yippie Museum, Cafe and Gift shop located in Greenwich Village, New York City.
Fashion and a history lesson. Only in a Mariko Nightfire blog. I hope that you enjoyed this fashion magic and scenes from the Forbidden City. And I would like to thank Nina Raymond for bringing New Yippie to my attention.


Armidi - Hair, Clothing, & Accessories:
Photos were taken at China Forbidden City:

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