Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Miss China Town creates Fashion Magic

Mousebi Erin, Miss China Town
Our guest model is Miss Mousebi Erin, the reigning Miss China Town. The Miss China Town contest was the popular highlight of the Chinese New Year celebration held in the China Town sim, and it was actively followed by the SL Chinese community. The contestants for the title of Miss China Town were a collection of some of the loveliest asian women in all of Second Life. Mousebi Erin, a beauty from Hong Kong, was awarded this year’s title by popular acclamation.

A casual sophisticated look with a hint of intrigue

I was introduced to Mousebi while visiting China Town during the New Year celebration. I was shopping with Selina Heron, my good friend from China, when Mousebi walked into the store. As the newly crowned Miss China Town, she had a celebrity presence; but, I was even more impressed by her fashion sense. Mousebi put together a marvelous outfit and a look that imbued her with an air of casual sophistication while also hinting of intrigue. I could imagine her as the femme fatale to Simon Templer or James Bond. Selina provided the introduction, and, while we chatted, Mousebi would occasionally puff long on the cigarette held in her right hand to great effect. When next we met, I asked Mousebi to model that outfit for my blog. She agreed, and so I am pleased to provide you with the details of this intriguing look.

Mousebi is wearing only the top portion of the Lima Trenchcoat offered by Armidi Gisaci. Surprisingly, this works well in creating her look. And I especially love the collar on this coat. It is reminiscent of the film noir of Bogart and Bacall. The color is Hazel, and the coat sells for $325L. I have also recreated this look for myself; but I choose the color black. This works well too. The wide black leather belt is a marvelous accent which sets off the top from the rest of the outfit. The belt is from COCO and sells for $150L. COCO is located in the Cocon shopping mall of the Gion Shirakawa sim. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Mousebi is wearing the (F/Skinny) A001 Jeans sold by Armidi Limited for $145L. The color is Dusted Classic. These boots are terrific, and they are a great find. They are sold by L'Atelier Storm Schmooz Exclusive Second Life Footwear and are their Storm Schmooz Maitresse boots. Mousebi choose the color Chocolate. They sell for $500L. For my look, I choose Black Classic for the jeans and black for the boots.

Mousebi's hair is is from Mirai Style and is their Caly hair. The color is Latte. This hair sells for $200L. The finishing accents include dark glasses from Armidi Gisaci and is their Lifestyle Aviators. The glasses sell for $325L. Her necklace is from CeeJay's Miscellaneum and is their Isis Necklace.

I would like to thank Mousebi for sharing with us her wonderful mix-and-match fashion magic. I hope to feature more of her magic in future posts.

Armidi - Hair, Clothing, & Accessories:

L'Atelier Storm Schmooz Exclusive Second Life Footwear:


Mirai Style:

CeeJay's Miscellaneum:

Pictures were taken at China Town sim

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  1. Love this combination. I appreciate any who can take separate pieces and make them work so well. :)